Privacy Policy Hishabee Delivery Manager


1. Introduction

1.1 This Policy describes the type of personal data we collect, the process of its collection and the usage of those data by Hishabee thereof. It further elaborates on the options available to the Users in terms of regulating to what extent its personal data is to be shared. In general, it will outlay Hishabee’s practices on data usage and protection. It is recommended that this policy is ought to be read along with the other up to date versions of the Terms of Use of Hishabee.

1.2 This policy applies to the Users of Hishabee’s Services within the Territory, including the retailers, consumers, guest users or any other Account or Service Users.


2. Overview

2.1 This policy describes how Hishabee and its affiliates collect and use personal and business data. This policy applies to all users of Hishabee’s mobile application, websites, features or other services within the territory. This policy specifically applies to:

2.1.1 Courier/Logistics Companies or Retailers orMerchants: Entities or individuals who are registered with Hishabee on a subscription basis to use Hishabee’s Services for trading or commercial purposes in order to render their own service to the consumers.

2.1.2.Consumers: Entities or individuals who make any purchase or acquires any services from the Retailers/Merchants of Hishabee.

2.1.3.Guest User: Entities or individuals who are not registered with Hishabee, although avails the Services within the capacity of a Consumer.

2.2 This policy also governs Hishabee’s functions on collecting, processing, maintaining and storing the personal information of the users, including the users who start but do not complete the application of availing Hishabee’s Services in any medium.


3. Data Collection 

3.1. The type and nature of data that Hishabee collects include, but not limited to the following:

3.1.1Data provided by users to Hishabee during the stage of account creation;

3.1.2Data created or generated during the use of Hishabee’s Services, such as details on location, device data and usage of the mobile application;

3.1.3User profile: Hishabee collects data when users create or update their account(s). This may include their name, email, phone number, login name and password, address, profile picture, payment or banking information (including related payment verification information), trade license and other government identification documents. (which may indicate document numbers as well as birth date, gender, and photo). This also includes emergency contact information, user settings and any other information that is required to use the Service of Hishabee. This further includes gender and/or occupation (when required for certain service or program of Hishabee). Hishabee may use the photos submitted by users to verify their identities;

3.1.4User content: Hishabee collects the information users submit when they contact Hishabee’s customer support, provide ratings or compliments for other users, products, services etc. This may include feedback, photographs or other recordings collected by users;

3.1.5Demographic data: Hishabee may collect demographic data about users, including but not limited to the data collected through user surveys and questionnaires;

3.1.6Business data: Hishabee collects the information and statistics of the business accounts maintained by the Merchants, Account Users including the Retailers and the Consumers. The business accounts includes but not limited to the accounts of sales, purchases, expenses, stock, outstanding receivables, advanced receivables and all other accounts that is maintained with Hishabee

3.2. The type of data that are also collected/created/generated during the usage of Hishabee’s Services or mobile applications includes but not limited to the following:

3.2.1Location data: Hishabee collects the precise or approximate location data location data of the users on real time when any of Hishabee’s application is running in the foreground (app open and on-screen) or background (app open but not on-screenon the devices. Hishabee uses this data to enhance the experience of the application’s usage with the objective to enhance safety features, fraud detection, bug fixes, system compliance etc. 

3.2.2Transaction information: Hishabee collects transaction information related to the use of its services, including the type or quantity or duration of product/service requested or purchased or provided, the details of the order, delivery information, date and time the service provided or the product delivered and amount charged;

3.2.3. Behaviour Tracking & Usage data: Hishabee collect data about how users interact with its Services. This includes data such as access dates and times, app features or pages viewed, app crashes and other system activity, type of browser, and third-party sites or services used before interacting with Hishabee’s Services. In some cases, Hishabee will also collect this data through cookies, pixels, tags, and similar tracking technologies that create and maintain unique identifiers;

3.2.4Device Data: Hishabee may collect data about the devices used to access its Services, including the hardware models, device IP address, operating systems and versions, software, preferred languages, unique device identifiers, advertising identifiers, serial numbers, device motion data, and mobile network data;

3.2.5Communication data: Hishabee enables users to communicate with each other through its application. For example: The consumers can chat with the Retailers/Merchants in order to place order or to enquire about the product or service. To provide this service, Hishabee receives some data regarding the calls, texts, or other communications, including the date and time of the communications and the content of the communications. Hishabee may also use this data for customer support services (including to resolve disputes between users), for safety and security purposes, to improve our products and services, and for analytics.

3.2.6Rental device data: Hishabee collects data generated by rental devices, such as the tablets or mobile phones hired out by Hishabee to the Retailers/Merchants, when they are in use. This includes the date and time of use, and the location of the device. 

3.3. Hishabee may also collect data from other sources, including but not limited to the following:

3.3.1User feedback, such as ratings, feedback, or compliments;

3.3.2Users participating in our referral programs. For example, when a user refers another person, we receive the referred person’s personal data from that user;

3.3.3Hishabee account owners operating as a Consumer, who request/order a service or a product for or on behalf of other users, or who enable such users to request or receive services or products through their accounts;

3.3.4Users or others providing information in connection with claims, complaints or disputes;

3.3.5Vendors who help Hishabee to verify users’ identity, background information, and eligibility to work, for regulatory, safety, and security purposes;

3.3.6Publicly available sources;

3.3.7Marketing service providers;

3.4 Hishabee may combine the data collected from the sources mentioned under paragraph 3.3 with the other data in its possession.


4. Data Usage

4.1 Hishabee uses the data it collects to provide, personalise, maintain, and improve its services and products. To be more specific, its objective is to include:

4.1.1Create and update users’ accounts;

4.1.2Enable transportation, deliveries, and other services;

4.1.3Offer, process, or facilitate payments for Hishabee’s services;

4.1.4Enable features that allow users to share information with other people;

4.1.5Enable features to personalise users’ accounts, such as creating bookmarks for favourite products, services, Merchant and to enable quick access to previously visited pages or previously ordered products;

4.1.6Enable accessibility features that make it easier for users with disabilities to use Hishabee’s services;

4.1.7Perform internal operations necessary to provide Hishabee’s services, including to troubleshoot software bugs and operational problems; to conduct data analysis, testing, and research; and to monitor and analyse usage and activity trends.

4.2. Hishabee also uses the data to help maintain the safety, security and integrity of its services and users. Such uses include:

4.2.1Screening the Merchants/Retailers and all other Service Users before enabling them to use Hishabee’s Services and at any subsequent intervals, if required, then also review the background, as permitted within the law, to help prevent the use of Hishabee’s Services from any malicious Users;

4.2.2Using data from the Merchants/Retailers and also the Consumers to help identify any unsafe or malicious conduct such as unprofessional behaviour, illegal activity, malpractice etc. on the part of any individual making him/herself privy to the arrangement between the Merchant and Consumer’s transaction/trading;

4.2.3Using information derived from the User’s National I. D’s photo and other photos submitted to Hishabee for safety and security purposes;

4.2.4Using device, location, profile, usage, and other data to prevent, detect, and combat fraud or unsafe activities;

4.2.5Using user ratings and feedback to encourage compliance with our Guidelines and as grounds for deactivating Users with low ratings or who otherwise violates the Terms and Conditions as set forth by Hishabee;

4.3. Hishabee also uses the information (including recordings of customer support calls with notice to and the consent of the user) to provide the Users with support, including:

4.3.1Answering specific queries and questions of the Users;

4.3.2Investigate and address the concerns of the Users; and

4.3.3Monitor and also improve the User support response and process.

4.4. Hishabee also uses the information to test, research, analyse its Services for the purposes of developing the product, apply machine learning technology to improve the user experience. This will help Hishabee to improve and enhance the safety and security of its Services, improve its ability to prevent the use of its services for illegal or improper purposes, develop new features and products, and facilitate insurance and finance solutions in connection with its Services.

4.4.1 Hishabee also uses the information to enabling communications between the Users.

4.4..2 Hishabee also uses the information to market its Services to its Users. This includes sending users communications about Hishabee’s Services features, promotions, sweepstakes, studies, surveys, news, updates, and events etc. Hishabee may also send communications to its users about products and services offered by Hishabee’s Merchants or affiliates. It is mentionable that Hishabee does not sell, transfer or exchange the Users’ personal data with any of its affiliates. Hishabee may use the data it collects to personalize the marketing communications (including advertisements) that it sends based on the users’ location, past use of Hishabee’s services, and user preferences and settings.

4.4.3 Hishabee may use the data it collects to generate and provide Users with receipts; inform them of changes to Hishabee’s terms, services, or policies; or send other communications that aren’t for the purpose of marketing the services or products.

4.4.4 Hishabee may use the personal data it collects to investigate or address claims or disputes relating to use of Hishabee’s services, or as otherwise allowed by applicable law, or as requested by regulators, government entities, and official inquiries.

4.4.5 Hishabee may use the personal data to make automated decisions relating to use of its Services. Such function, inter alia, may include deactivating Users’ profile who are identified as having engaged in fraud or activities that may otherwise harm Hishabee, its Users and others. 


5. Cookies and Third-Party Technologies

5.1. Cookies are small text files that are stored on browsers or devices by websites, apps, online media, and advertisements. Hishabee uses cookies and similar technologies for purposes such as:

5.1.1.Authenticating users;

5.1.2Remembering user preferences and settings;

5.1.3Determining the popularity of content;

5.1.4Delivering and measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;

5.1.5Analysing site traffic and trends, and generally understanding the online behaviours and interests of people who interact with Hishabee’s services.


6. Data Sharing and Disclosure

6.1 Hishabee may share the data it collects withy other Users for the purposes and in the manner as stated below:

6.1.1.The Merchant’s business address as registered with Hishabee and its contact information, including the details of that Merchant’s personnel, if provided;

6.1.2.The Name and contact details of the Consumer when that Consumer places an order from a designated Merchant’s account; the Merchant receiving the order will only be able to see such information;

6.1.3.Delivery recipients’ first name, delivery address, and order information with their delivery person the Merchant. Hishabee may also share ratings and feedback, or other information to the extent required by law, with the Merchant and delivery person;

6.1.4.Questions or comments with the general public/Guest Users, submitted through public forum or on platforms available to the general public. 

6.1.5.If a User requests a Service or places an order using an account owned by another User, Hishabee may share their information, including delivery address, Account name and details of the Account User;

6.1.6.Hishabee may share data with its subsidiaries and affiliates to enable itself to provide the Services or conduct data processing on its behalf;

6.1.7.Hishabee may share the information or data with the vendors, consultants, marketing partners, research firms, and other service providers or business partners, which may include but not limited to: processors and facilitators; check and identity verification providers; storage providers;, in connection with the use of Google Maps in Hishabee’s application;, in connection with the use of the Facebook Business Tools in Hishabee’s application and website; partners and marketing platform providers, including social media advertising services; Data analytics providers; that assist Hishabee to enhance the safety and security of its application;, lawyers, accountants, and other professional service providers; and financing partners; and partners.

6.2. Hishabee may share Users’ personal data if it believes that it is required by applicable law, regulation, operating license or agreement, legal process or governmental request, or where the disclosure is otherwise appropriate due to safety or similar concerns. This includes sharing personal data with law enforcement officials, public health officials, other government authorities, or other third parties as necessary to enforce Terms as entailed in its General Terms of Use, user agreements, or other policies; to protect Hishabee’s rights or property or the rights, safety, or property of others; or in the event of a claim or dispute relating to the use of Hishabee’s services. Is an User uses someone else’s debit or credit card then Hishabee may be required by law to share that User’s personal data, including order information, with the owner of that credit or debit card. This also includes sharing personal data with others in connection with, or during negotiations of, any merger, sale of company assets, consolidation or restructuring, financing, or acquisition of all or a portion of our business by or into another company.

6.2.1. Hishabee may share a User’s personal data other than as described in this notice if it notifies the User and that User consents to the sharing of the said personal data.

7. Data Retention and Detection

7.1. Hishabee may retains user data for as long as necessary for the purposes described in this Policy. It means that Hishabee retains different categories of data for different periods of time depending on the category of user to whom the data relates, the type of data, and the purposes for which Hishabee collected the data.

7.2 Users may request deletion of their account at any time by making an application to Hishabee using the prescribed method. Following an account deletion request, Hishabee deletes the user’s account and data, unless they must be retained due to legal or regulatory requirements, for purposes of safety, security, and fraud prevention, or because of an issue relating to the User’s account such as an outstanding credit or an unresolved claim or dispute. Because Hishabee is subject to legal and regulatory requirements relating to storing and processing information and data, this generally means that Hishabee retain their account and data for a minimum of 7 Years after a deletion request.

8. Grounds for Processing

8.1 Hishabee collect and use personal data only where it has one or more lawful grounds for doing so. Such grounds may vary depending on where the User is located, but will generally be the laws of Bangladesh at that time in force.

8.2. In order to provide its Services, Hishabee must collect and use certain personal data that includes: 

8.2.1User profile data, which Hishabee use to establish and maintain user accounts; verify user identity; communicate with users about their orders, and accounts; and enable users to make payments or receive earnings;

8.2.2Background information, which is used to verify an applicant’s eligibility to become a Merchant;

8.2.3Usage data, which is necessary to maintain, optimise, and enhance Hishabee’s Services;

8.2.4Transaction Information; and 

8.2.5Information relating to customer support.

8.3 For the purposes of legitimate interest of Hishabee and other Users, Hishabee may collect personal data to maintain and enhance its User’s safety and security. For example, Hishabee may use personal data to prevent use of our services by Users who have engaged in inappropriate or dangerous behaviour, such as by retaining data of banned Users to prevent their use of Hishabee’s application. This also includes purposes such as combating fraud; improving our services, direct marketing, research, and development; and enforcing the Terms and Conditions as set forth by Hishabee. In addition, it includes using personal data to the extent necessary for the interests of other people or the general public, such as in connection with legal or insurance claims, and to protect the rights and safety of others.

8.4 Hishabee may also share data with law enforcement regarding criminal acts or threats to public safety, or requests by third parties pursuant to legal processes. Hishabee may also share information with public health authorities where required or permitted by law.

8.5 Hishabee may collect and use personal data based on the User’s consent. For example, Hishabee may collect personal data through voluntary surveys. Responses to such surveys are collected on the basis of consent and will be deleted once no longer necessary for the purposes collected. A User who has provided consent to a collection or use of their personal data can revoke it at any time. However, the user will not be able to use any service or feature that requires collection or use of that personal data.

9. Choice and Transparency

9.1 Hishabee enables Users to access and control the data that Hishabee collects. Most mobile device platforms (iOS, Android, etc.) have defined certain types of device data that apps cannot access without the device owner’s permission, and these platforms have different methods for how that permission can be obtained. iOS devices notify users the first time any of Hishabee’s application requests permission to access certain types of data and gives users the option to grant or refuse permission. Android devices notify users of the permissions that the said applications of Hishabee seeks before their first use of the said application, and use of the application constitutes a grant of such permission. 

9.2 Users may opt out of receiving promotional emails from Hishabee. Users may also opt out of receiving emails and other messages from Hishabee by following the unsubscribe instructions in those messages.

10. Update to this Policy

10.1Hishabee may occasionally update this Policy. If it makes significant changes, it will notify the Users in advance of the changes through Hishabee’s application or through other means, such as email. Hishabee encourages Users to periodically review this Policy for the latest information on its Privacy practices.